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domingo, 16 de enero de 2011


•Personal Data:

Name and last name: Mariano Victor Piñeyro.

Date of birth: 23 de noviembre de 1972.

E-Mail: marianovictorpineyro@hotmail.com

Phone: 549-11-6669-9184

Marital status: Single.

Nationality: Argentinian.

Age: 43 years old.

Place of birth: Olivos, Province of Buenos Aires

Language: Intermediate English.

• Realized studies: Primary and Secondary in the College Ricardo Gutiérrez, Olivos.

Obtained title: Mercantile Expert. Date of expenditure: 1991.

•Others Capacitations:

- Operator PC Profesional, IBM, May, 1997.
- Computation: good managing of the programs Word, Excel and Power Point, Lex Doctor and Internet.
- Course of Employee to the Justice of the Province of Buenos Aires. In San Isidro's Courts in 1998.
- Course of Exterior Trade, Center of Formation of the Excellence, Capital Federal.

• Labor experience:

• Employee who starts on a very low salary of the Civil and Commercial Court 5 Secretary 9 of San Isidro.

• Contracted by the Judicial Power for Approved 3003-158/99, in Expte. 3003-431/99, under the Res.1392/99, to realize works with the LEX-DOCTOR for two months, of 21/5/99 to 21/7/99 in the Civil and Commercial Court 5 Secretariat 9 of San Isidro.

• Renowned Auxiliary Quarter of the Civil and Commercial Court 5 Secretariat 9 of San Isidro, post that it recovers for 3 months and a half, of 21/9/99 to 14/12/99.

• Promoted to Auxiliary First of the Civil and Commercial Court Secretariat 9 of San Isidro, post that it recovers for 17 months, of 14/12/99 to 2/5/2001.

• Law office Yánez of Zone North, May, 2001 to March, 2003. Attention to the public. Procuration.

• Teacher of Chess, Municipal School of Chess Ruy Lopez, Villa Martelli, March, 1995 up to the present.

School support freelance, 2006 up to the present.

• Labor as educational experience:

1988 and 1990: Teacher of Chess of the College Ricardo Gutiérrez, Olivos. In the levels of primary and secondary, as extracurricular matter.

2002, 2008 and 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013: Teacher of Chess of the Popular Library Nora Bombelli, Florida, Vicente Lopez.

1996 and 1997: Teacher of Special Chess, in the College Maiten of Villa Ballester, treating pupils in form grupal with diverse pathologies of disability.

1995 to the present: Teacher of Chess of the School Ruy Lopez de Sigura, Villa Martelli. Levels of Adults and special pupils. PAGE OF FACE AJEDREZ MARTELLI.

• Courses of training: As Teacher of chess.

November 1995: Arbiter of Chess.

August 1997: Course of Mathematics and Chess for Teachers for the Prof. Muñoz Baños.

May. 1999: Course of New Ideas for the School Chess for the Prof. Uvencio Uvencio.

October. 2002: Participant of 8vo National Congress and 1er Teachers' International
Congress of Chess, " defied of the incorporation of the chess in the Formal Education.

November. 2003: 10mo. Teachers' National congress of Chess and 2nd. International congress: " The chess in the initial level and the first cycle of the formal education "; taking part as Congressmember.

October, 2007: 1er International Congress of School Chess, " Educational Programs of Chess ".

• Experience like chess-player:

Federated Stages:

1991: Federated on the national level in FMDA, FANOBA and FAVILO

1995: National Ranking (former SNG) 1857 points of initial Ranking.

2003: Federated worldwide (F.I.D.E.). Position maximum 183 of Argentina in 2003. Even positioned in Latin America-ranked position in 9600.

• Some Tournaments:

1986: Subchampion school, I Become a member and professor of College Ricardo Gutiérrez, Olivos.

1983 to 1987: Better player of the Club Canotieri Italiani of Tiger.

1988 to 1991: Champion of Fourth and Third category of the Circle of chess of Villa Martelli.

1991 to 1995: Player of The Second category of 1991 until 1995.

1987 to 1992: Participant of diverse Juvenile Semi-finals for the Argentine Championship.

1988: Juvenile subchampion of the Circle of Chess of Villa Martelli.

1988, 1991 and 1992: Juvenile Champion of Rapid Chess to 30 minutes of the Circle of Chess of Villa Martelli.

1989: Participant of Tournaments Opens from this year.

1991: Fifth position in the Open of the Circle of San Isidro's Chess.

1994 and 1995: I reward to better not ranking, PROAM of Villa Martelli.

1995: Participant of the Top Tournament of FANOBA version 1995 (Eighth of final Argentine Championship 1995). They took part: MF Escandell 2315, Santiago Castillo, Mariano Redondo, Cristian Lallee, Javier Ortega Morales.

1993: Participant of the Grand Prix of the Zone North organized by Valle Productions. More 7 Opens.

1994 to 1997, 2001: Participant of the PROAM of the Circle of Chess of Villa Martelli.

1996 and 1997: Participant of the Open Najdorf.

1998: Champion of the Winter Open in the Circle of Chess of Villa Martelli.

2001: Participant of the Circuit Clarin-AMDA 2001, in 4 Opens, pace of game 15 minutes to finish, finishing in the position 47 between 119 participants staying in front of the GM Spangenberg in the general classification of the Circuit.

2003 to 2008: Participant of the IRT, organized by the Circle of Chess of Villa Martelli, realized in memory of the A.I. Jose Rubinstein, where he is proclaimed the Champion of The Vicente's Lopez First Category. Position maximum 7th of 45 players in 2008.

2004: Participant of the Tournament for Equipments realized in Ferro, in commemoration of his 100 years.

2001 to 2011: Participant of Circuits of Rapid Chess, 15 minutes to finish or less, obtaining the third position in 2004. And I come second in 2006. Realized for MI Maximiliano Ginzburg and for Villa Martelli.

• For Equipments:

1991: The second Board of the Equipment B of the Circle of Chess of Villa Martelli, in the Tournament for Equipments realized in Vicente's Lopez Municipality.

1995 to 1998: Ex-representative of Belgrano's University in Chess, obtaining the subchampionship of the same one in 1996, being the second board of the equipment and Champion of the Tournament for Equipments realized in the Stock exchange of Trade in 1998.

2002: Representative of the University of Buenos Aires in Chess, obtaining the First Board in the Equipment B and a Championship classified to 7 minutes for player.

2008: Representative of the University of Buenos Aires in Chess, obtaining the First Board in the Equipment To, fourth board.

2009: Representative of the University of Buenos Aires in Chess.

2010 to the present: Representative of the University of Buenos Aires in Chess.

• Since I Arbitrate:

1991 to 1996: Arbiter adjunt of the C.A.V.M. together with the A.I. Jose Rubinstein.

From 1991: arbitrated Tournaments: 2 I.R.T. versions 1995 and 1996, I Turn of The First category version 1994 in the C.A.V.M., the Intercooperative one for Equipments of 1994, diverse tournaments of different categories and different modalities. Realizing bulletins of Magisterial and of the tournaments mentioned previously.

• Commentator of Magisterial Tournaments:

Commentator of the Magisterial of the Republic Argentina versions 2001 and 2002 realized in CM Health in Olivos, where I was defeated by the program Chess Tiger 14.6 and by the program Nimzo 8.0 at last winning of the Magisterials. Appearing in the newspaper Clarin in picture color, the next day the tournament begins.

• Columnist in Internet pages:

2002 to 2010: Columnist of the page of the Circle of Chess of Villa Martelli: www.ajedrezmartelli.org.ar. Commenting in English and Spanish.

2006: www.ajedrezescolar.com.ar, on books of kids Chess and others.

2006: www.ajedrezargentina.org, on History of the Chess in Argentina.

2007 to 2010: www.p4r.com.ar, Circle Michael Najdorf, Polvorines.

2008 to 2010: www.canal-h.net, Spanish Page of the teacher Richard Guerrero. Spectacular Chess.

•My blog: http://www.inmortalchess.blogspot.com/ (in English and Spanish)

• As leader of Chess:

1991: Substitute member of the Managerial Commission of the Circle of Chess of Villa Martelli.

2006: Member of the Commission Account ticket inspector, since substitute, in the Managerial Commission of the Circle of Chess of Villa Martelli.


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  1. What an impressive records you are holding. Well, I believe you deserve all those things. I'm just really excited to see chess being actively participated in by the younger generation like those who are in grade school. It's fun because the game is interesting and not only that, it also improves their logical and decision-making skills.

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